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Reliable Coffee Service

We pride ourselves on our dependable service.  Unlike some of your larger chain office suppliers, we put you, the customer, first.  If you're ever in need of an off-schedule delivery because you're running out or require an urgent service repair, don't hesitate to call us, even on the weekends!  We'll gladly get your own business up and running again. After all, we know what it takes to run an efficient and successful business and what it means to our customers.

If you're a customer of ours already, please spread the word.  If you're not, and you see our name on equipment, go ahead and inquire.  We'd love to be able to help you, too.

As you probably know already, if you buy coffee from us, we provide you with a machine (if you don't have your own) to use.*  However, it's not just the coffee you get from us, it's the service, too.  If the machine is one which we have provided to you, there are no costs to repair or for cleaning.  As you may have noticed we have been stepping up our efforts to keep your coffee makers free of limescale more regularly.  Doing so allows you to have the best coffee experience possible.  You just might be surprised at how much a thoroughly cleaned coffee machine can affect the taste!  Also, each time your coffee is delivered, our drivers do a quick cleaning of the machine's surfaces, the brew basket, and the decanters (pots).

If you possess your own machine, we can still do complete lime scale removal and service repairs for you.  All there is to it is a flat rate charge of $35 for each cleaning and repair, plus the cost of any parts required for the repair.  Yes, we'll come get it from you and bring it back; and as always, there is no pick up or delivery fee.  Plus, we will even provide you with a loaner machine to use in the meantime, free of charge!

Here at The Coffee Exchange, we love having our coffee taste the best that it can. Therefore, we do everything we can to ensure you love your coffee at its finest, too!

*Our batch brewers tend to be models from Newco and Bunn.  However, depending on your needs, other options are available, too, including single cup coffee makers. 

Single Cup Brewer from Uniserve

Check out the fastest growing segment of the coffee business!  You've heard of Keurig, and may even have one already.  We now now offer an alternative that is fully compatible with Keurig cups.  The Uniserve (pictured) is meant to be a serviceable alternative to Keurig.  It is sure to mix up the marketplace with features such as:

  • Works with all K-cup compatible coffee brands
  • Less than 45 second recovery time for nearly continuous hot drinks
  • Ten 6 oz cups before refilling reservoir
  • Plumb-in unit option available
  • Energy saving sleep mode when not in use
  • Built for commercial use, also perfect for homes
  • Compact power (7.5 w-11.8 h-12.6 d)

These machines are available for placement in homes and offices as a part of our continued service.  If interested or wanting to learn more, just call or email us your questions!