The Coffee Exchange, Inc.

Professional Coffee & Water Service

Professional Pantry Service

We are now offering a professional pantry service.  Bring a sense of wellness and appreciation to your break room or business culture.  We offer a broad selection of items ready to treat your employees or business associates.  Whether you are rewarding employees or setting the stage for a meeting, we will present a clean, professional service.  We understand how important it is that your corporate event is stress free.  Our team can make your planning process simple, streamlined, and successful. With The Coffee Exchange your corporate function is sure to please and impress each guest.

It could be used for:

· Early morning board of directors meetings

· Company wide celebrations or achievement celebrations

· Entertaining clients

· Product launches

· Employee appreciation days

Choose from items such as:

Coffee and Products

· Our Private Blend Coffee

· Sugar Canisters

· Cream Canisters

· French Vanilla Creamer Canisters

Cold Brew Coffee

· Steeped in Cold Water for Smooth Taste

· Flavored Syrups

Bottled Water

· Cooler(s)

· 5 gal. Bottles

Lipton Southern Sweet Tea

· Freshly Brewed Real Tea


· Danishes

· Donuts

· Granola Bars


· Fresh Sandwiches

· Potato Salad

· Macaroni Salad


· Cookies


· Chips

*We have partnered with local catering services and bakeries to ensure your meals are prepared in the best kitchens. We are flexible with what we offer and the listing above is not complete. We will strive to create a menu just right for your event.  Contact us for more info!